During towing and hauling jobs, weight can impact performance in a variety of ways. If you want to move cargo using a truck that has a smart design and great weight distribution, consider buying an F-150. This truck won't waste gas when its engine increases torque.

The F-150 has a base that's made out of a dense aluminum alloy. Because the material isn't hefty or bulky, it doesn't weigh the F-150 down when cargo is transported. The high-strength aluminum is featured on the F-150's body and on the truck bed's walls and foundation. When a lot of cargo is arranged on the truck bed, the F-150 still performs well because the alloy enhances the power-to-weight ratio, which ensures great gas mileage.

Ford's military-grade aluminum is very impressive. You can examine it thoroughly at Miller Ford before or after a test drive. We work with potential buyers in many neighborhoods in Burlington.



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