As one of the top U.S. performance vehicles on the market, the Ford Mustang is always trying to improve. Either it's done through performance, styling, or a bit of both. Most recently, one of the items added has affected the driver. In fact, it may get them into a fighting mood.

The Mustang's Active Performance Exhaust Audio creates an autonomic sound experience that draws drivers into the powertrain. With a flick of a switch on the center console, the engine and exhaust can be made to sound like thunder. Or, it can be quickly softened or silenced for a peaceful journey.

Then again, traveling in a Ford Mustang shouldn't be peaceful. But you won't know this unless you visit your local Ford dealership and feel the effects of autonomic sound. In addition, you might want to do this after asking for a test drive of the latest Mustang model. It can bring back good memories.

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