The Ford Explorer is a popular three-row SUV that's made to turn heads in Burlington, WI. It features several modern design elements that create a noticeably sporty look.

Despite its large footprint, the body of the Explorer is quite sleek. Subtle contours on the sides of the vehicle provide a streamlined appearance. Not only does the shape of the body improve aesthetics, but it also makes the SUV more aerodynamic on the road. The shape is complemented by the many available wheel designs. Everything from basic rims to hand-polished aluminum wheels are available for the Explorer at Miller Ford.

On the front of the SUV, you'll find a large and aggressive grille. Silver-painted mesh and chrome-covered trim are available. The grille stretches across most of the front end, creating an aggressive stance that demands to be seen. It's flanked on both sides by angular headlights and available LED lighting for improved visibility.

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