Certain jobs require assistance from a wickedly powerful pickup truck. Can the model you drive deliver on expectations? If it is a Ford Super Duty, the answer might be a definitive, "Yes." The popular pickup truck comes with either a gas or a Turbo Diesel engine. Both generate wicked power.

The horsepower on both engines should impress. The gas model creates 430 hp while the Turbo Diesel option produces 475 hp. 6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel did receive a massive upgrade for 2020, as revealed in its specs. Forged-steel pistons and a brand-new 36,000-PSI fuel injection system reflect only two of those features.

Both the gas-powered and diesel model power up tremendous levels of torque. Massive torque might be necessary for tough jobs, so Ford made sure the Super Duty doesn't skimp on it.

A test drive in and around Burlington tells the story of the Ford Super Duty's power. Come to our offices at Miller Ford to check out and drive the pickup.


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